About the Victorian Alliance

Forged in reaction to the wide-scale, government imposed demolition of whole neighborhoods originally built before 1910, The Victorian Alliance of San Francisco remains The City’s oldest all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization committed to the restoration and preservation of historically significant structures. Our passion lies in the world-renowned residential buildings for which our great city is famous: the Victorians.

Our interests also extend beyond our city's borders and through the ages to foster and promote the value of all historically significant structures, landscapes, and artifacts that enrich communities far and wide.

Since our founding in 1973 by concerned citizens, we have continuously met as a membership, shared our hands-on restoration knowledge, lobbied, educated, held fundraisers, toured prominent places, and made grants to a wide variety of preservation and restoration projects. We actively support the preservation efforts of individual citizens as well as our elected and appointed representatives.

VASF Meetings

We meet on the last Wednesday of each month from January through October. Meetings start promptly at 7:30pm and are hosted in private homes and public buildings.

You don’t have to be a homeowner to be part of the Victorian Alliance. Our backgrounds vary greatly from newly arrived renters to seasoned homeowners. What unites us is our appreciation of historic homes and an interest in architectural preservation.

These meetings are led by our elected President and operate according to Roberts Rules of Order, which enables a systematic approach to important matters before audiences sometimes exceeding 60 people. Often they include an informative presentation and light refreshments.

Most general meetings are open to the public at no charge. However, on occasion, due to space constraints or other considerations, some events and meetings are limited to only those members whose dues are current.

Meeting locations are published in our monthly Bulletin, a membership benefit. To learn more about our next meeting, please email our outreach volunteer.

In addition to conducting the routine business of the organization, our meetings afford likeminded individuals an opportunity to share information about restoration techniques and experiences. Roughly half of our general membership meetings are in private homes dating from the Victorian period through the Art Deco period.

VASF Committees

Additionally, we have several standing committees that meet.

Special Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC meetings are held at 7:30pm on the next-to-last Wednesday of the month, January through October. These smaller gatherings are only open to members and serve as planning sessions for special functions, such as our house tour. The discussions, led by our elected Vice-President, are informal and typically hosted in a private residence.

The SAC serves a vital role in the smooth execution of the General membership meeting.

Grants Committee

This committee, with its members appointed by the President, meets as necessary, but not less than twice a year, to review requests for a Victorian Alliance Grant.

Nominating Committee

Officers are elected to two-year terms. A nominating committee of volunteer is formed every two years six months prior to the end of the current officers’ term. Their task is to seek candidates to run for office in the next term.


This standing committee meets as necessary to discuss both internal and external education opportunities and events.

Preservation Advocacy

This standing committee meets as necessary to investigate and evaluate important matters of preservation of interest to our membership.

Marketing and Public Relations

This standing committee meets as necessary to develop and execute Alliance marketing and public relations affairs.

Holiday Party

As a way to express our shared gratitude for the year’s accomplishments, we arrange a December members’ holiday potluck party; the event has become a celebrated tradition. Attendees are encouraged to bring seasonal food for the banquet and to wear festive attire.