Monthly Bulletin and Publications

Monthly Bulletin

Since its founding in 1973, the Alliance has regularly published a Monthly Bulletin, sent to each member. Besides reporting the minutes of business meetings, the Bulletin presents announcements of upcoming Alliance activities and other Bay Area events, information on current preservation issues, and news about the accomplishments of Alliance members. The end of 2010 saw the completion of the 38th volume - a continuing archive that chronicles the Alliance's nearly four-decade history.


One of the Alliance’s educational goals is to encourage awareness of San Francisco's history and appreciation of its unique architecture. Over the years the Alliance has issued several publications to achieve that goal. The Alliance's first publication occurred in 1974 with the printing of “My Early Days in San Francisco” by Nellie McGraw Hedgpeth; the book is a memoir of Nellie's days growing up in the Mission District. In 1976, “The Victorian Alliance Pocket Guide to San Francisco’s Landmarks” was published. Compact and easily portable to take on walking tours, the Guide gave a brief description of the landmarks with each accompanied by a sketch. In 1993, the first edition of “The Pocket Guide to Historic Districts of San Francisco” was published and subsequently reprinted in 1997.

It was a foldout guide with brief commentary about each historic district and was distributed for free, quickly becoming especially popular with visitors who picked it up at the San Francisco Visitors Center located at the time in Halliday Plaza. To celebrate Alliance House Tours and to showcase Victorian domestic architecture, the Alliance for several years published original Note Cards created by artist and Alliance member Kit Haskell that featured line drawings of the facade of each home on a Tour.